Where Does Naperville Electric Get Energy?

Naperville Electric does not generate the electricity it sells to its customers. The electricity it supplies is purchased through Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA)– a group of 32 municipal electric utilities.

So What Is the Issue?

More than 80% of the electricity sourced by IMEA for its members is generated by burning carbon, mostly coal. This coal energy is sourced primarily from power plants that IMEA partially owns. Producing electricity for Naperville with carbon is equivalent to carbon dioxide emissions emitted by 237,109 cars[1].

How Can We Change This?

Naperville Electric is by far the largest member of IMEA, responsible for about 35% of the group’s electricity purchases, more than twice the next largest buyer.  As a member of IMEA, Naperville is able to vote on IMEA’s power supply planning, meaning the city potentially holds about 35% of the votes. Please help us convince Naperville to use its purchasing and voting power to transform IMEA into a provider of clean energy rather than burning coal.      

Couldn’t I Buy Clean Energy or Use Solar Panels?

Naperville Electric does not allow its customers to buy energy from Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers, or to use Power Purchase Agreements to get solar panels.  See ‘More Info’ for details, and please help us advocate for clean energy and solar panel choices in Naperville. 

What Now?

Check out our more info page, our take action page, and subscribe to our mailing list. Follow us on social media and share what you are doing to help make Naperville clean.



[1]: https://www.epa.gov/greenvehicles/greenhouse-gas-emissions-typical-passenger-vehicle#pane-3. 1,000,000 metric tons/4.6 metric tons per year per car = 217,391.